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The Birth of Idea Map

In 1981, Dr. Howard Moskowitz created a program to pinpoint consumer interest levels for any product in any industry.

By mixing and matching different concepts and ideas about the product and measuring consumer response, Dr. Moskowitz showed what consumers truly wanted (even if they didn’t know it themselves).

MJI Design Labs evolved the tool into a digital program called Idea Map, a decision making tool that accurately identifies individual likelihood of embracing products based on reactions to concepts.

MJI Revolutionizes Business Strategy

More than two decades later, MJI Design Labs offers a full suite of decision-based programs to accommodate a broad range of business needs in any language. Many Fortune 500 corporations as well as small to medium sized entrepreneurs have used our award winning products to launch of some of the most recognized products and brands worldwide.

Optimize Your Strategy, Product Development, Marketing and Advertising

Get powerful tools to deliver successful products and services to your consumers.

  • Flexible: highly customizable programs with dedicated consulting support for product creation and launch analysis
  • Accessible: online consumer studies and analysis for product messaging, positioning and graphics testing
  • Actionable: identify and capitalize on new opportunities at the start of a market trend for rapid deployment and conversion

There is no more powerful or actionable tool in the global marketplace.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This quantitative technique really helped me frame my courtroom arguments … The jury returned one of the biggest verdicts in the history of Los Angeles County for a defamation case ($370 million win) .. The tested messages were dead-on. I knew exactly what to say and what not to say.

—Rex Parris, Lawyer

The (Idea Map) method allows the research team to identify where attention and marketing investment need to be focused. I find it fascinating that we can test our competitors this way…the tool will tell you what`s compelling and what`s not working for them

—Dvorak Franco, Customer Insights Team at HP

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