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Case Studies: Finance & Banking

A major credit card bank in Asia was seeking to identify target messaging and communications strategies around the launch of a new sports-event-based card program.  Through a customized IdeaMap PC-based study, we identified 2 attitudinal segments and linked them to a direct mail base.  Within the first month after launch, 65% of annual new applications goal was achieved; 85% by end of 2nd month.  After first year, 250% of original new applications goal was achieved.  Three bank competitors attempted to launch similar programs around the same timeframe with different executions – all three failed.


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Finance & Banking Studies

Examining the Future of Retail Banking: Predicting the Essentials of Advocacy in Customer Experience

Service marketing, customer service satisfaction and the transition of the economy from product manufacturing to a service oriented economy have received extensive attention in the business world. In this kind of an economy, customers who experience a high level of satisfaction become repeat, loyal customers. The result of loyalty in banking is that customers remain customers, even when they have a negative experience. In addition to loyalty an emerging area of interest is customers’ advocacy which is build on the basics of customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The ‘advocate’ customer in turn communicates with other individuals who might become new customers.This is a pre-print/working version of an article published in the Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice.

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Research Unbound: The Algebra of the ‘Stock Market Mind’

Since winning a seat at the table during the past several years market researchers have spread their wings to a number of new areas. Read the different market research newsletters and you’ll be surprised at the different developments, ranging from passive tracking of behavior, to market modeling, to ethnography, and so on. We’re in a new era of methods and applications, with enthusiasm and vision energizing a wide variety of technologies.

Let’s take some of that enthusiasm and look at new areas of market research, now that the methods are exploding, and research professionals have gained respect. In this paper we deal with a new area of application ? the stock market. At first blush this application seems a little outrŽ; aren’t economists and finance professionals dealing with the mind of the investor and thus the mind of the market?

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Expanding Market Research Methods to Expected Stock Market Activity: Creating a New Connection and a New Scientific Specialty in Market Research

This paper shows how methods that have been traditionally used by market researchers have potential application to understand and predict stated future shareholder behavior in the stock market. The paper shows how the market researcher makes two distinct contributions to this new aspect of applied economics:

a. Use high level research methods (experimental design of communications) to understand whether shareholders say they will sell, hold, buy stocks on the basis of corporate communications

b. Identify the dynamics of unique communication interactions with specific companies.

The approach we present provides a new contribution, both to market research and to applied economics. To market research, we present attitudes in connection with stated interest in stocks and potentially huge new area of application. To applied economics and finance, we introduce an application of experimental design to understand the ‘algebra of the shareholder’s mind’.

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